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Cokin H200A Portrait 1 Kit

Cokin H200A Portrait 1 Kit
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Price: RM137.74
Availability: In Stock
Model: 14100009
Manufacturer: Cokin
Average Rating: Not Rated





  • P-Series Filter Holder
  • P027 Warm 81B Filter
  • P071 C Spot WA Incolor 2 Filter
  • P840 Diffuser 2 Filter
  • 100 Page Filter Catalogue

071 Incolor Center Spot Filter
The Cokin Incolor Center Spot filters have a clear spot in the center and allow for the portrayal of an object in diffused surroundings. This filter comes in two grades: #1 (070) and #2 (071), with the 071 having a greater effect. It consists of a gray outer area. The portion outside of the image center will be reproduced less sharp than the center.

This filter is commonly used in combination with color center spot filters for a more exaggerated effect. It is intended to be used with wide angle lenses. The filter effect is directly influenced by the f-stop and the focal length. The transformation is softer with wider apertures. The size of the clear circular area increases relatively with the selection of longer focal lengths. The exposure determination should be done without the filter. If the camera has the capability of spot-metering, then one can measure with the filter in place.

027 81B Filter
The 81 Series of filters control the bluish coloration that affects daylight film. The stronger 81B warms scenes shot on overcast days more than an 81A. It can also remove more excessive blue from the effects of electronic flash. Good for general scenics when the photographer wishes to remove the bluish cast from open shade or add even more warmth to the photograph than with an 81A.

840 Diffuser 2 Filter
Cokin Diffusers have very little effect on the sharpness of the image. They merely diffuse highlights thus reducing contrast. As such, diffusers can be used to soften a landscape, or soften skin texture in a portrait to hide minor flaws.

NOTE: This kit does not include a Cokin adapter ring.


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